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The name "Latitudes" has a dual purpose or meaning that provides some insight into our business:

1) Geography - represents different areas around the world where we engage in small business development.

2) Freedom - to remove obstacles or limitations. Extending freedom through business, emphasizing fair trade and treating artisans with dignity and respect.

Latitudes provides a genuine business outlet to artisans in isolated areas around the world. We desire to have a positive impact in their families and community through micro-business enterprises. We create and encourage an environment of support for the artisans who work in these businesses by giving them a market to sell their hand-made products. In addition to buying products we offer training in business management, help develop new products, and provide basic education for our workers and their family.

Through Latitudes, a tangible expression of love is powerfully worked out in their midst. We are helping numerous groups around the world by providing a place to distribute and market their handcrafted products. This helps to provide much needed income to the artisans and thus helps provide stability and opportunity to the community.
Raffle River has helped Latitudes raise $225 and host 2 raffles.
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