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Brenden's Fundraising Campaign

Brenden's Fundraising Campaign
My nomadic, amazing, and better yet, service filled adventures happen because of the generous support from my dearest friends and family. If it weren't for these generous donors, my trips would not occur, year in year out!

After embarking on a transformative journey during the Summer of 2015, I realized there is much to this world than what meets the eye; much culture, knowledge, tradition, and places to be seen. This realization on my volunteer trip to Bali, Indonesia has impacted my life dramatically; not only enabling a learning experience to immerse, but an experience that has influenced my development as a person.

This Summer however, I will be exploring China’s ancient traditions and diverse religious practices while learning how people in China are defining themselves and their beliefs today.

But why be interested in finding meaning? The answer; I want to see the world and most importantly, I want to find myself, my values, my purpose. We run into our careers, we run into relationships, we run into adulthood, we run into the future without taking a moment to stop and see what direction we are going, and if that direction is the one we choose, or the one society choose. Thus, traveling to China and finding meaning will be an adventure worthwhile!
However, doing this does come at expense, $2,000! Therefore, I have put forth my greatest efforts to not only do this fundraiser, but also start my first job, a swim instructor at the new Hale YMCA in my local area!
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