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CanAm United Women's Cricket Association

CanAm United Women's Cricket Association
CanAm United Women’s Cricket Association is 100% self funded and we are currently raising funds to help pay for youth scholarships, certified coaching sessions, tournament fees and travel, and equipment .

Our organization was formally established after two years of observation in to how women’s cricket in the USA and Canada could be better organized to attract and retain more players. Cricket is the number 2 sport in the world and CanAm is working hard to promote greater interest in women’s cricket and raise standards throughout the Americas. Players of all levels join CanAm to gain greater exposure, experience and simply to have fun playing!

We appreciate your support!
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Julie Abbott, Main Contact
Team Members
Achini Perera
alicia porter
allison stocks
beth hensler
Durga Das
ena nicholson
Ferdil Joseph
jade rodriguez
jade rodriguez
Jaimie Veale
Julie Abbott
Lenore Dixon
Marlene Preville
Miryam Khokar
Nicole Gallagher
Sandra Yee
Shebani Bhaskar
shivalika katyal
veronica vasquez
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