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Homes For The Autistic

Homes For The Autistic
Being on Social Media, it is always Heart breaking to see Families with children on the spectrum struggling financially. Homeless, or just worried about how to come up with rent, life can be hard. Thats where we come in. We are a group of moms who decided to do some good. We gathered our jewelry, in the hopes that if we raffle them off, we can use the money to assist those that need assistance. Our jewelry consists of a Vintage Rolex, Wyler watch with diamonds, Movado gold watch, Gold Gruen watch, 3 strands of real vintage pearls, a diamond ring with a pearl, and a 3 diamond vintage ring. The jewelry and the raffle is guaranteed. $5 just may bring you a jewelry lot! Google will pick our winner, and the winner will receive the jewelry in an insured package.
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