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Kristen M.S. Treatment Fund

Kristen M.S. Treatment Fund
Kristen has been fighting Multiple Sclerosis for the past 8 years, and has handled it amazing well so far. However, over the past year Kristen's health has taken an unexpected turn for the worse and the treatments that were working, are no longer having any effect. To top it off, she has started having serious issues with her pancreas which have led to hospital stays and severe pain on top of what she is already going through.

We recently discovered and amazing Doctor that has monumental success with stem cell therapy. Kristen was blessed to be able to visit this doctor once already, but multiple visits are required. The first treatment was amazing and she can't wait to go back for another round! Kristen loves to ride horse's and spend time with her family, friends, horse, and dog. We are setting up this fund to help her meet the increasing costs of treatment and hospital visits.

Kristen sincerely thanks you from the bottom of her heart for your support and donation! Hope you're the lucky winner!
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