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Colp Play Ground for the Children

Colp Play Ground for the Children
The Village of Colp is in the process of building a playground for the community of Colp and surrounding area. This project is to change the lives of the children and provide a safe and secure haven to play and learn for years to come. We invite you to help us raise $75,000.

Mission and Goals:
· To enhance our community by creating a playground for our children and their parents and provide a safe place where families are welcome.

· To create a secure haven for learning, playing, exercising and socializing.

Our children need a safe and secure place to experience just being children. Many are missing one of the most important childhood experiences – PLAY. The playground will be a place where our children can grow up healthy, a place where our children can feel good about themselves and a place to be creative. More than 80% of the children are from single parent low-income homes, but every child deserves the opportunity to achieve and develop to their fullest potential.
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