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Veterans 3 Gun Inc. Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

Veterans 3 Gun Inc. Non-Profit 501(c)(3)
Many veterans continuously struggle with the loss of something that they have difficulty identifying, and the inability to understand or relate to functional society. That is to say those veterans often struggle with adapting to the society and way of life in which we live. Veterans 3 Gun Inc. strives to help them regain key attributes that will help them with this transition. These attributes are a sense of their Community, Camaraderie, Purpose, Achievement, and Personal relationships.
Veterans 3 Gun Inc. is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization which is headed by veterans that have felt the same effects of isolation that many veterans face. We understand the overall disconnect with "Functional Society" because of our service and experiences. We hold all veterans in the highest regard and are honored to be in service to our country.
Due to the necessary adaptation of a much harsher society which frowns on individuality, remorse, or effort, many Veterans (without knowing so) have forgone these attributes that are taken for granted in order to become the heroes that are responsible for our freedom and American way of life.
These veterans have lost some ability to identify with their loved ones due to their combat experiences, especially the losses of their brothers and sisters in arms. Individuals whose great pain and efforts are irrelevant to an end state of accomplishment.
These veterans wish only to desperately rejoin the Functional Society they risked and sacrificed so much to protect and build, but do not know how.
So please let us help them do just that, by reconnecting those who have sacrificed so much with the attributes that so many Veterans feel they will no longer be able to feel.
However, we cannot do it alone.
Your generous heart felt donation / contribution will once again bring life and joy into the calloused hearts of these individuals.
You will be providing a sense of accomplishment and purpose through competition, camaraderie and esprit de
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