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Snoddy Family Reunion

Snoddy Family Reunion
Our family line has been traced back to James and Delilah Snoddy. They were the proud parents of 3 children, Charley W. Snoddy (Mary), James Glimore Snoddy (Mary) and Selenia Snoddy. Lucius Snoddy (James) was also listed as a child living with in the household, but as of yet no direct connection has been established. The family line of James and Delilah have been researched extensively, however no living family members of Gilmore Snoddy, Selenia and Lucius have been identified. Research will continue as we learn about our past and our present. Charles and Mary had 10 children and of those 10 children 7 have living descendants.

With that being said we are looking forward to having a celebration of family by having a reunion in 2017. This could possible be a reunion of more than 300 people in attendance. As an effort to bring everyone together we have decided to do this raffle to help with with some of the expenses of having a reunion of this size.
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