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The goal of this organization is to collect money to assist people with their monthly debt and keep them from going under. Too often these days we see that people are not helped while things are started to slip away but rather they don't see assistance come their way until everything has already fallen apart. The goal here is to help people before things get that bad. It shouldn't be necessary for something to have to trend to receive recognition. The result is that the help received far surpasses the goal, which is great but there are others that could also benefit. Why not move the overflow to the next cause? That's the goal here. Having raffles or just open crowdfunding to gather money to disperse to people and alleviate the stress caused from things getting tight. If for just 1 month, 3, 6 or even 12 months you didn't have to worry about a light bill or student loan that would alleviate a lot of stress and help tremendously. That's the function of this charity.

This particular raffle is for 2 tickets to the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Vegas in September.. Great Seats in Section F (refer to seat map). The money gathered will go to assist 2 families in financial straights. One family is 2 vets with 5 children who are trying to stay a float and the other is a couple trying to get back on track after having to move from a mold infested house who hasn't been able to get on their feet since.
One person will win the 2 tickets once we reach the fundraising goal of $10,000.
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