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American Farm School

The American Farm School of Thessaloniki, Greece, applies its hallmark learn by doing approach to educate students of all ages towards responsible stewardship in the areas of agriculture, food systems, the environment, and other life sciences related to our sustainable future.

Founded in 1904 by enlightened American educators, the School today is considered the premier institution in southeastern Europe for education in these areas. Our dynamic community of learners comprises a preK-6 primary division focused on environmental education, the historic High School, and the Perrotis College of Agriculture, the Environment and Life Sciences. The College’s Center for Agricultural Entrepreneurship assists new and developing agro-food businesses in bringing innovative ideas to fruition.

At the heart of an American Farm School education is the institution’s diversified research, demonstration and training farm. It functions as a living laboratory for students of all ages to experience hands-on discovery, engagement, and inquiry in the life sciences.

The institution is committed to providing the tools and technology to support its students and faculty as they reach for excellence in STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, and math). Gifts are sought to enhance, upgrade, and equip key teaching laboratories as well as to enable the School to respond to rapidly changing learning opportunities in technology.
American Farm School
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