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For Otis Sake Rescue

For Otis Sake Rescue
For Otis Sake was founded in 2014 in honor of an amazing Chocolate Labrador named Otis. In 2006, Otis was diagnosed with Mega-esophagus. (aka ME) Laurie was told his onset was “idiopathic” meaning they were not able to pinpoint what triggered this horrible condition. All we knew was that his esophagus no longer could contract to move food to his stomach and he needed to eat vertically to survive. The diagnosis was filled with doom and gloom indicating he would likely live 6 months but it might be best to just “put him out of his misery.” Otis and Laurie were NOT afraid and set out to determine how he could live a normal life and stay healthy. Laurie learned of the Bailey Chair which was designed for an ME dog and a lifesaver for Otis. Otis took to the chair immediately because he knew this is how he received his favorite thing, FOOD!

Unfortunately, the good times came crashing down in 2007 when his symptoms worsened and he was diagnosed with a far worse disease, Myasthenia Gravis. Now I was scared as this disease negatively impacts neuromuscular transmission and Otis would now struggle with swallowing thus increasing his risk of aspiration pneumonia. I absorbed and rallied!

Otis lived 3 years and 4 months post his initial diagnosis (way past 6 months)! Never let anyone tell you a situation is HOPELESS! Otis and I had a challenging journey together but I would not change one moment nor sacrifice one second of our time together.

For Otis Sake is built on the same diligence, passion, drive and desire as the battle Laurie and Otis fought together. That passion and drive is the inspiration of For Otis Sake now targeted to rescue and save the lives of the abandoned, abused and neglected. We do this in memory of Otis as a legacy to life he lived and life taken too soon.
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