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Karen Hartwig Foundation

Karen Hartwig Foundation
The Karen Hartwig Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) committed to keeping pets where they belonw - at home. We are the safety net that prevents pets from losing their lives or homes due to a family's unexpected hardship or financial struggle.

Specifically, the Karen Hartwig Foundation will focus its efforts on developing and implementing programs that help keep companion animals out of shelters, thereby reducing animal suffering. We have two main programs that we believe will help achieve this goal:

1. Guardian Angel Fund – enables individuals to retain ownership of their pets and not surrender to shelters, through provision of financial assistance.

2. Posse Assistance Fund – provides financial assistance to like-minded animal rescue organizations with the infrastructure in place to carry out activities consistent with our mission of keeping animals out of shelters.

With three locations across the country (Lansing, Michigan; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas), the KHF has helped pets across the United States find new homes, reunited lost pets with their owners, funded spay/neuter projects and assisted with veterinary bills, pet deposits and pet boarding fees when families have financial difficulties. With so many families and individuals facing challenging financial times, being able to turn to the Karen Hartwig Foundation for support often means it will be possible to keep a family pet. Our vision is to create communities where pets remain happy, healthy, and at home with their families.
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