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Legency League Youth Foundation

Legency League Youth Foundation
“The Nation’s Most Dangerous City” is what we’re often labeled. To the founder’s of Legency League it’s what we call home. For years beyond our time, our home has been impoverished and frowned upon by many spectators all across the nation. We have seen many organizations come and go trying bring light to our city, but have failed because of the lacking of relentlessness and a true genuine spirit. This is our home, which makes our mission extra special to us. As a unit Legency League not only aims to defeat the odds, we plan to destroy them.

The word Legency derived from the words legend and legacy. We are legends building legacies. Legency League is a new non-profit organization that strives to motivate and empower at-risk youth males through mentoring and various other resources, in the city of Camden. Legency League is here to make a difference. We will inspire these young men to uplift their city through sports, mentoring, and classroom trainings. This will allow them understand the importance of not only building themselves, but their family, friends, and community along side of them. Legency League’s vision is to pave a new way for youth by presenting them with opportunities to increase their achievement levels.

All of our activities and programs will be based off of our three core values. Self-love, if one does not love themselves, they will not have any disregard for anyone else. Community-love, we will devolve our passion for the community on to our mentees so they to can aim for the change we are aiming for. Lastly, Culture-love, we must teach our young men their history. The late, great James Baldwin once said, “Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” Influencing these young men to become positive icons is not only what impoverished neighborhoods desperately need, but also what the world essentially needs to be better.
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