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Boxer Rescue of Idaho

An all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization, specifically promoting the well-being of Boxer dogs who have been or might be abandoned, homeless, sick, injured, or abused.

Networking with volunteers and foster families, we have been able to help hundreds of Boxer dogs throughout the Northwest that might of otherwise been euthanized.

While the boxer is listed in the top ten of favorite pure breed dogs by the American Kennel Club, there are many euthanized every day, simply because they have no home. Through our adoption program, it is our mission to help reduce the number of homeless Boxer dogs.

Boxers in our program may come from a shelter where they have either been surrendered or picked up as a stray and not reclaimed OR an owner no longer able to care for the Boxer due to loss of job, health reasons or an owner may have passed.

Our Boxers are placed with foster families that bring the Boxer into their home as if he were their own. They will began working with basic obedience training and helping the Boxer learn good house manners. Boxers are spayed/neutered, brought current on vaccinations, microchipped, as well as have any other medical/training needs met prior to adoption.

We do not receive any government funding. We are funded through adoption fees, an occasional small grant, and the generosity of other Boxer Lovers. By participating in any fundraiser, raffle, event you are giving a Boxer a second chance.

Boxer Lovers makes a lifetime commitment to our Boxers ~ never to be homeless again.

Boxer Rescue of Idaho
PO Box 45065
Boise, Idaho 83711
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$1,261 raised
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