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Thumbs up for Makayla

Thumbs up for Makayla
In June of 2016, Makayla was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Conventional chemotherapy treatment cannot shrink or destroy this tumor, the only hope is that chemotherapy would keep the tumor from growing.
But there is hope! There is treatment available in Houston, Texas and Makayla and her parents spent several weeks there. After returning to Fairfield, an MRI has revealed that Makayls's tumor has SHRUNK by 1 millimeter all around (.039 inches)!!!!
The downside is that the treatments are very expensive and are not covered by any insurance plan. If it were covered, it would be less expensive than conventional chemotherpy, but it is not.
So the goal of this raffle is to raise money to help pay for Makayla's treatments and remove this tumor once and for all...we are all praying for this outcome. Makayla is a very strong, very spirited little girl, but she needs our help.
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