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Shawnta Pulliam Arise, LLC

Shawnta Pulliam Arise, LLC
Shawntá Pulliam took a traumatic childhood, impacted by parental drug addiction
and incarceration, and turned it around for good. After getting expelled in the
10th grade, Shawntá was enrolled in a catholic alternative education school where
she worked diligently to graduate as class valedictorian, and then attended
Gannon University, majoring in criminal justice and psychology.
Even though Shawntá had overcome many challenges to pursue a brighter future,
the unhealed emotional wounds of her childhood remained resulting in a nervous
breakdown at the age of 21. Shawnta’ found herself living in a one-bedroom
apartment in the projects on $500 a month social security. But She once again
triumphed over her self-indicted barriers by confronting her past, building her
relationship with God, and rekindling her dedication to a better life.
She began a promising career with GE Transportation, but after ten years as Safety
Monitor and Plant Protection, Shawntá still had an unfulfilled passion to
help at-risk girls such as she once was. In 2006, Shawntá’s vision came to fruition
when she founded Nurturing Hearts, a self-esteem and self-development
nonprofit organization for at risk girls. Shawntá went on to found Shawntá Pulliam Arise LLC, which provides inspirational speaking, life coach assistance, and the creation and implementation of positive development programs for people from all facets of life. She has created inspirational & educational seminars and workshops for women for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a $10 billion integrated global nonprofit health enterprise. Coached and mentored by the world renowned motivational speaker Les Brown,
Shawntá devotes her life to the women and children who struggle with the same
issues that she had to overcome herself. Her message is close to Rev. James Stern,
There is only one race, that is the Human race and all girls and boys are equal, its just they all don’t know it.
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