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PG Valor Basketball Team

PG Valor Basketball Team
Objectives of event
Prince George’s (PG) County has great sports fans and a strong sports tradition yet had no
professional basketball team. That is until, the PG Valor Basketball Team.
We would like to:
? Provide men the chance to develop, enhance and showcase their talent in basketball in the
ABA organization in order to create and foster potential opportunities in the NBA,
D-League, and other positions overseas.
? Establish a strong base for ABA in the Prince George’s County/Washington DC/Virginia
Corridor as a well-structured professional basketball team offering career advancement,
job opportunities, and community service to the Mid-Atlantic region and worldwide.
And these objectives will be done by:
? Develop the team, practice and play hard.
? Affordably priced seating and continued buzz should sell out our home game seats.
? Local media coverage
? Partnering with local businesses
? Partnering with local nonprofits who will become our Community Partners
Raffle River has helped PG Valor Basketball Team raise $22 and host 1 raffle.
$22 raised
Completed Raffles
LaDonna M. Smith, Main Contact
Team Members
Chuck Pickard
LaDonna M. Smith
Nate Williams
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