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Capitals Academy PW Red Hockey

Capitals Academy PW Red Hockey
Capitals Academy PW Red is headed to Port Huron, MI for the International Silver Stick Finals in the PW A Division. The team will play teams from all over the US and Canada. Proceeds from the raffle will help the team pay for items needed for the tournament and team events while there.

Thanks for your support!
Raffle River has helped Capitals Academy PW Red Hockey raise $1,740 and host 1 raffle.
$1,740 raised
Jacquie Segal, Main Contact
(301) 509-3633
Team Members
Andrea Kirshner
Anthony Pratley
Barbara Dwyer
Brenda Sullivan
Dan Risacher
Doug Biggs
Elliot Segal
Emily Steiner
Garrett Green
Jacquie Segal
Jason Steiner
Jennifer Clarke
Jot Carpenter
Judith Heichelheim
Karla Carpenter
Kristin Litterst
Kurt Clarke
Laura Barta
Linda Manning
Liz Burmeister
Lynn Deutsch
Mary Pratley
Mike Deutsch
Nelson Litterst
Pete Dwyer
... plus 8 more
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