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Destiny's 2017 season

Destiny's 2017 season
Rally Girls Fastpitch are building their 2017 team.
This team is located out of Palm Beach Gardens
and has highly reputable pitching and hitting coaches.
This season is extremely important to Destiny, as next
year she will be starting High School. Her goal this
season is to grow as an athlete and play at an elite
level. Allow me to tell you a bit about Destinys
Softball story.
Destiny began to learn pitching at age 8 and took
the mound at age 9. She turn heads by the age of 10
with her speed and player work ethic. At age 11 she
pitch 2 consecutive games, pitching every inning, at
a tournament with her travel team.
The last game being the championship game that
went into extra innings. As a team they took home
1st that weekend. In 2014, At age 12 she pitched her
last fall season in the Jupiter Classics. Struggling
with shoulder pain that she keep a secret
in hopes she was simply sore. She was not sore,
but had a shoulder injury that resulted in her not
playing a single sport in 2015. With no travel teams
available in our small town she played the local rec
league in the summer of 2016. Her team competed
in State and placed 3rd, ending the rec season in
July. The last of 2016 she has taken it upon herself
to pull every training aid we have and practice after
school and weekends.
She is a very talented, determined and self motivated
young lady. She has spent many nights studying
online tutorials and Jennie Finch tips to learn new
pitches and improve her mechanics over the years.
This January of 2017 Destiny attended tryouts for
Rally Girls and made the team!! We are all extremely
excited and super proud of her! Rally girls allows for
sponsors and fundraisers to go 100% towards the
players acct. Read more in the tabs for more
information on Destiny's Raffle ticket Fundraiser.
Raffle River has helped Destiny's 2017 season raise $248 and host 1 raffle.
$248 raised
Chrissy Lanier, Main Contact
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