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Class of 2017 Project Graduation TICKETS !!

Class of 2017 Project Graduation TICKETS !!
The Goal is to host a SAFE and FUN environment for our Graduates on the night of their graduation, this is a drug free alcohol free SAFE place that keeps teens off the roads on their Great night. We also provide prizes for them for coming and electing to love life and stay in a safe zone by issuing these prizes that will help them on their college journey pizes include, T.V's, Xbox, play station, kitchen set, Go Pro, laptops, printers, fit bits,and more..... Each and every year thousands of teens get injured or die on this night and with your help with this raffle we can have the opportunity to get more teens off the roads on their graduating night.. thank you so much !
Raffle River has helped Class of 2017 Project Graduation TICKETS !! raise $8,668 and host 2 raffles.
$8,668 raised
Tammie Vargas, Main Contact
Team Members
Aliyah Phillips-Sanfilippo
Anahy Flores
Angelica Puente
Ashley Miller
Avery Foster
Blake Lewis
Cade Tucker
Cassie Koenig
Charles Buchanan
Chris/Mattie Rylant
Cynthia/Sophia Primera
Destiny Martin
Earl Sharp
eric mendoza
Eric Rodriguez
George Burrell
Kayla James
Kelly Braden
Kim Antunez
Laura Padilla
Lesah Doerksen
Madison Guffey
Marian Picado
Mary-Ester Torres
Matt Cline
... plus 13 more
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