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Running River School

Running River School
Running River School was founded in 2001 by Nancy Monson and a group of committed parents and teachers. After teaching in both public and private schools, and being the director of Homestar Child Development Center (an infant through preschool daycare center), Nancy brought her experience, research and passion to the creation of a new model of education. The outdoor program she started at Homestar included gardening and hiking. She saw children thrive in nature; she witnessed their curiosity, their sense of wonder and awe, reflected back in play and in constant questions. She also saw and felt the light fading in their eyes when they visited her after moving on to kindergarten. When parents came to her in 2000 to ask her to start a school so that their children could continue to love learning, she gladly agreed. She formed a group that spent a year planning the opening of Running River. Her goal: to balance the inner and outer development of children; to address every aspect of what it means to become a healthy, thriving, caring human being.
Raffle River has helped Running River School raise $1,867 and host 1 raffle.
$1,867 raised
Nancy Monson, Main Contact
Team Members
Amelia Lettvin
Amelia Steed
Aspen Krawczyk
Bella Paulsmeyer
Bohden & Zakai Tola
Gabe Calder
Gabrielle Trevillian
Gwynith & Kiera O'Brien
Henry Koppa
Jadakai Lijoi
James Anthony
Kate & Claire Flaherty
Katja Solter
Lennon Anson
Lila Storch
Marley & Asher Firsenbaum
Micha & Dalia Shapiro
Nancy Monson
Narayan Ellerby
Thomas Olds
Tristan & Cody Lamb
Wilder Guarascio
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