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The T & A Love Fest

The T & A Love Fest
I met Andrew in 2004 and Tom more recently in 2016. Andrew had been dealing with medical issues since 2011. Knowing Andrew and now meeting Tom I was amazed how similar, though very different, their stories reflected each other’s.
What I noticed is how consuming medical issues can be for the individual and the families. Left at the direction of medical intervention can be somewhat isolating; maybe because of the diagnosis, maybe because of the time and energy medical procedures take. I can’t even imagine the stress and the drain it would have on my life let alone my families’ life.
In November I found myself in horrible pain and could not find relief. I was not able to do simple daily tasks; I couldn’t use my left arm to even push myself up or out of bed. This is when was referred to go see Tom… this body worker guy.
My biggest realization was that when I didn’t know what to do for myself - It took someone else to help, to support, to intervene, to further my wellbeing.
I honestly didn’t have the energy to believe… that things could get easier … or even better. BUT TOM DID and I am now pain free and have a fully functioning left arm. I feel that I was one of the lucky ones that had insurance and was able to take the time to heal as directed.
So, when Tom shared his medical journey with me… and that he was about to have surgery but would only taking off 2 weeks…. I had to ask why when I knew that 4-6 weeks was what is recommended and truly needed to heal.
I realized that in today’s world healing is based on limited insurance, life’s obligations, bills, and even other medical expenses. Is unfortunate that what we are able to afford – is how we chose our healing - not what we might physically need.
As a medical professional and with the recent realization of what “I” needed that “we’ need others to help us heal; I looked for ways I could contribute to these two men.
So what is a ½ Greek girl to do, but of course; have a party and host a big raffle!
Raffle River has helped The T & A Love Fest raise $5,190 and host 10 raffles.
$5,190 raised
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