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Steven M Pellegrini Memorial Scholarship Fund

Steven M Pellegrini Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Mission of the "Steven M Pellegrini Memorial Scholarship" is to award a yearly $1000 Scholarship to the student that best exemplifies the characteristics of Steven Michael Pellegrini, class of 2010, who died in a car accident March 17, 2016. The scholarship is given in Steven's memory to further the education of a graduating senior with preference to those pursuing Drama or a Theatrical education

Steven's passion was to be in the movies or theater and become a personality to be remembered. Growing up in a small town, he will always be remembered as the funny, outgoing, always caring friend you had to be around. Never a dull moment, always making you laugh on any day, in any situation. He was voted most Dramatic in High School.

Steven moved to Miami at the end of 2014 with the company he worked for and began exploring the field of Modeling after making numerous friends in this field. In March of 2016, Steven decided to leave his full time job and make his move to become a model and pursue his dream of Hollywood when tragedy struck and he was killed in a single car accident. It was March 17, 2016, a shock to an entire community and to friends all over the country.

Steven will always be remembered as someone that loved life, cherished ALL of his friends, and never let you down when you needed him. His quick wit, sarcasm, and love of laughter was a blessing to anyone that knew him. Steven would have been a great national personality that everyone could love and so this Scholarship was created in order to give others that chance. That dream that Steven always wanted. Some day he will see his dreams followed through in someone else eyes and we wish to help that story and dream come true with this Scholarship.

The Pellegrini Family
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