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Raffles in Maryland > Sprite Stitch Child's Play Quilt 2014

Sprite Stitch Child's Play Quilt 2014

Members of the Sprite Stitch community spent an entire year cross stitching their favorite video game scenes. These cross stitches were combined into two quilts. The first quilt was auctioned at the Penny Arcade dinner auction November of 2014. You have the opportunity to win the second quilt, a one of a kind creation valued at over $5,000. This is the fourth year these quilts have been created. No two squares will ever be alike from year to year. All proceeds from this raffle will go to Child's Play.

The raffle will be held Saturday August 8th at 5pm. I will hold the random draw live through Hang With. If you would like to watch the drawing live log in to the Craft Hacker channel at https://www.hangwith.com/user/crafthackers. Or to be notified when Craft Hackers streams live make sure to follow us.

If you live outside of the US you can purchase tickets (shipping below). To purchase enter your name, email, card number and details. Leave the address, city, state, ZIP and phone boxes blank. I can contact you for address information if you win the quilt.

Quiltoni will pay for all shipping costs if you are located in the United States or Canada. If you are outside these countries you may purchase tickets but are responsible for shipping costs if you win. Shipping outside the US and Canada would be anywhere from $40 to $180 depending on where you live and the shipping option you choose.
Craft Hackers
All proceeds will go to Child's Play.

Child’s Play works in two ways. With the help of hospital staff, we set up gift wish lists full of video games, toys, books, and other fun stuff for kids. By clicking on a hospital location on our map, you can view that hospital’s wish list and send a gift.

Child’s Play also receives cash donations throughout the year. With those cash donations, we purchase new consoles, peripherals, games, and more for hospitals and therapy facilities. These donations allow for children to enjoy age-appropriate entertainment, interact with their peers, friends, and family, and can provide vital distraction from an otherwise generally unpleasant experience.

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$466 of $5,000
Drawing was held on August 8, 2015.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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