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Raffles in D.C. > Win a BMW i3 or $40,000 in cash and support student STEM competitions

Win a BMW i3 or $40,000 in cash and support student STEM competitions

Global EEE organizes hands-on student competitions that promote Education, Energy efficiency, and Environmental consciousness. Student teams apply math, science, and engineering to construct and race electric, hybrid-electric, and solar powered cars. The primary goals of the competitions are to generate enthusiasm for science and engineering at a crucial stage in the educational development of young people, improve their understanding of scientific concepts and renewable energy technologies, and encourage them to consider technical careers at an early age. It also emphasizes innovation, critical thinking, leadership, team work, and project management, while educating a new generation of drivers about electric vehicles.

Since we provide STEM learning to students through building and racing electric cars, it is only fitting that the prizes are comprised of a BMW i3 electric car and several electric bicycles. The top prize winner may elect to take $40,000 in cash instead of the BMW i3 (28% in tax will be withheld from cash prize). The following are the raffle dates and prizes:

August 1:
Winner of Riide electric bike: Mr. Charlie Garlow, Silver Spring, MD

September 15:
Winner of Riide electric bike: Mr. Charles Gabrial, Ashburn, VA

Final drawing
1st prize - BMW i3 or $40,000 in cash, 2nd to 7th prizes - Electric bikes

Please note that some tickets are purchased in person and not through this site, so total raised amount shown may not be accurate. At least 3,000 tickets must be issued in order to hold the grand prize raffle. Winning tickets in the August 1 and November 15 drawings will be re-entered in the Final drawing.
Global Education Energy Environment
Global EEE is a non-profit organization in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. It is the organization behind the organization, and for over 25 years, its key members have helped organize student competitions around the world that promote Education, Energy efficiency, and Environmental consciousness.

The competitions we organize are funded entirely through grants, corporate sponsorship, and personal contributions. We also rely on partnerships with numerous associations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and hundreds of volunteers to hold these events and provide the mentorship to the students. Our goal is to give all motivated children in middle schools and high schools the opportunity to participate in these exciting projects. This requires significant resources not only to organize the competitions, but to also supply the components to schools and students. By making a financial contribution to support these education programs, you are in fact directly impacting the future of thousands of children.

The following principles are emphasized in these projects:

1. Educational excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

2. Creative integration of technology and science across a wide-range of disciplines

3. Hands-on experience to develop and demonstrate technical and creative abilities

4. Understanding of marketing, business and management skills needed to execute large and complex projects

5. Renewable energy technologies (electric drive based projects and photovoltaics)

6. Environmental consciousness

7. Safety in all aspects of the development, testing and racing

8. Sportsmanship, friendship and cooperation

For further information please visit www.GlobalEEE.org or www.GlobalEEE.org/DCEVGP
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on June 10, 2017.
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