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Raffles in Washington > Boutique Builders for Harvey

Boutique Builders for Harvey

Boutique Builders for Harvey

We are a community of musicians and music lovers.
We are builders, fixers, players, reviewers, podcasters, and writers.

We have different ideas, come from different places, and live different lives from different perspectives.

But we have one thing in common: we are people who care about people.

The images of the storm raging in Southeast Texas and the rest of the gulf area are devastating. Whole neighborhoods and towns are underwater. Seeing pictures of flooded schools and highways, footage of cars and buildings swept away, it doesn’t take long to realize there are people hurting there, people who need help, people just like us. Already, dozens have lost their lives. Countless more have been stranded: their homes destroyed, belongings sunken or swept away, lives uprooted in an instant. We’ve seen the destruction and devastation and we realized one thing: we have to do something.

So here we are, a diverse community coming together for a common cause: to help our fellow people. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help. That’s why we’ve set up the Boutique Builders for Harvey fundraiser and raffle. We’ve collected donations from amp and pedal builders, podcasters and players, business owners and friends. We’re using our resources and our talents to give something back.

Every cent of every ticket purchased, minus credit card transaction fees, will be given to vetted orgs IN Houston and marked for Harvey relief. We’re not keeping any of it. All the money collected will go to support rescue and relief efforts in the affected areas. Already, there are units cutting trees, fixing buildings, and digging people and their homes out of the mud.

Each ticket purchased between now and September 30 gives you a chance to win some amazing items (each fully donated by their creators) while supporting the relief efforts in Southeastern Texas.

We want to help, and we'd love for you to join us.
The Boutique Builders
Each ticket is a chance to win. Items raffled individually.

Live drawing held at 12pm PST Monday, 10/2/17

Drawing will be hosted live at the FB page linked below:

Please use the contact form below for questions.


1. 60 Cycle Hum – 50/50
2. Benson Amps – Vinny Head/Cab
3. Big Ear NYC – Woodcutter
4. Caroline Guitar Co. – Exclusive Shigeharu Fuzz
5. Chase Bliss Audio – Brothers + Faves
6. Chuck Pedals - Diver
7. Classic Audio – Aloft Reverb
8 .Copperpeace – Strap
9. Creation Music Co. - Custom Elevation Board + Soft Case
10. Creston Guitars – Shirts
11. DC Pedalboard – Extraa pedalboard + Engine 941
12. Dr. Scientist Sounds – BitQuest
13. Dullen Customs – 17”x13” pedalboard
14. Dwarfcraft – Minivan, Wizard of Pitch
15. Emerson Custom – TBD
16. Equitz Guitars – Shirts
17. Flippin’ Flippers Podcast – Shirts
18. Fretboard Journal – 24 month subscription
19. Foxpedal - Defector
20. Fuzzrocious – Double Dark Driving Limited Handpainted
21. Gabriel Tenorio String Co – 3 Artist Series sets for Jazzmaster
22. I Love Apparel - 2x$50 Gift Cards
23. JHS Pedals – Twin Twelve, Moonshine
24. Killer Otter Electric – Party Animal
25. Lollygagger FX – Canaglia
26. Matthews Effects – Architect V2
27. Nystrum Guitars – Shirts, Mugs, Coffee
28. Old Blood Noise Endeavors – Mondegreen
29. Otis Amps – Amp
30. Pelican Noiseworks – Pelitaur + Half-Horse
31. Robert Keeley FX – Compressor+, Katana, Filaments, Dyno My Roto, Abbey Chamber
32. Sinasoid – 14 cable packages
33. smallsound bigsound – Mini pedal
34. Spruce Effects – Salt Water Fuzz
35. The Gear Slum – Shirts
36. The Tone Mob – Model 001
37. Walrus Audio – Aetos, Messner
38. Wrought Iron Pedals – Aslan, Orcrist
39. Yellowcake - Your Mom, MK Ultra
Contact Raffle Organizer
Contact Raffle Organizer
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$16,631 of $25,000
Drawing was held on September 30, 2017.
Jim Bowers
Benson Amplifiers - Vinny Amp Head/Cab
$1,300 value

Tim Balint
Otis Amps - Amplifier
$800 value

Daniel Burr
Chase Bliss Audio Brothers + Faves Switch
$430 value

Hamish Michael
Fuzzrocious RARE Double Dark Dual Drive
$300 value

Joe Munsinger
Creation Music Co - Pedal Board and Soft Case
$300 value

Cole Duke
Lollygagger FX Custom "Loveless" Canaglia One-Off
$289 value

Alexander Michaud
JHS - Twin Twelve
$250 value

Kevin Young
Pelican Noiseworks - Pelitaur
$250 value

Peter Gothold
Dr. Scientist Sounds BitQuest
$250 value

Rashad Abdul Hamid
JHS - Moonshine
$250 value

Darren Henry
Fretboard Journal - 24 Month Subscription
$240 value

Jason Camp
Wrought Iron - Orcrist
$235 value

Marc D McKenney
Dwarfcraft Devices Wizard Of Pitch
$225 value

Kat terjesen
Wrought Iron - Aslan
$215 value

Brigham Alcorn
Big Ear NYC Woodcutter
$200 value

Clint Duke
Caroline Guitar Co. Exclusive Orange Shigeharu Fuz
$200 value

Jeffrey Lucchini
Dullen Customs - Pedalboard
$200 value

Jeremy Swecker
Fox Pedals - Defector
$200 value

John Dierks
Keeley - Katana
$200 value

John Griffin
Classic Audio FX Aloft Shimmer Reverb
$200 value

Justin Jones
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen
$200 value

Justin Jones
Pelican Noiseworks - Half-Horse
$200 value

John McCammon
Tone Mob - Model 001
$192 value

bryan kang
Keeley - Filaments
$190 value

Brad Heinrichs
Matthews Effects - Architect V2
$190 value

Mickey Kappes
Walrus Audio Messner Overdrive LIMITED EDITION ART
$189 value

Taylor Richens
60 Cycle Hum - 50/50
$189 value

Kevin Young
Yellowcake Your Mom Fuzz
$185 value

Brian Falcone
Chuck Pedals Diver
$180 value

John Campbell
Killer Otter Party Animal
$180 value

Dan White
Dwarftcraft Devices Minivan Echo
$175 value

Taylor Richens
Keeley - Dyno My Roto
$170 value

Corey Nigro
$169 value

ryan hurley
smallsound/bigsound Mini Drive
$159 value

Scott Harris
Emerson - EM Drive
$159 value

Delbert Babitzke
Keeley - Abbey Chamber
$150 value

Scott Harris
Spruce Effects - Salt Water Fuzz
$150 value

Jacob Collier
DC Pedalboard Engine 941
$149 value

Dan Phelps
Yellowcake Pedals MK-Ultra Octave Fixed Wah
$145 value

Chris Duncan
DC Pedalboard Extraa Pedalboard
$139 value

Alex Branca
Keeley - Compressor +
$130 value

Dave Hamill
Gabriel Tenorio String Co. Strings - Box 3
$100 value

David Lawrence
Copperpeace Strap
$100 value

James Yurasek
Gabriel Tenorio String Co. Strings - Box 1
$100 value

Jonathan Bobbe
Gabriel Tenorio String Co. Strings - Box 2
$100 value

Ben Bunton
Sinasoid Signature SLATE 10' Instrument Cable
$55 value

Greg Haungs
Sinasoid SLATE Cable #2
$55 value

Alex Branca
Nystrum - Shirt, Coffee, Mug
$50 value

Kyle downs
I Love Apparel - $50 Gift Card 2
$50 value

Spencer Hyam
I Love Apparel - $50 Gift Card 1
$50 value

James Beesley III
Sinasoid Custom Shop 8' 16AWG Power Cable 2
$45 value

William Roberts
Sinasoid Custom Shop 8' 16AWG Power Cable
$45 value

Josh Marmon
Sinasoid "Walrus Special" 10' Instrument Cable
$38 value

Nathan Cooley
Sinasoid Walrus Audio Cable 2
$38 value

Dan Dullen
Sinasoid Short Stack Patch bundle 2
$30 value

Joey Chamblee
Sinasoid Old Blood Cable 2
$30 value

John Waight
Sinasoid "Old Blood Special" 10' Instrument Cable
$30 value

Mickey Kappes
Sinasoid Old Blood Cable 3
$30 value

Mickey Kappes
Sinasoid Short Stack Patch bundle 5
$30 value

Olivia crosby
Sinasoid Short Stack Patch bundle 4
$30 value

Taylor Richens
Sinasoid Short Stack Patch bundle 3
$30 value

William Anderson
SinasoidShort Stack Patch Cable... Stack
$30 value

Eric Darby
Chuck Pedals Skull Shirt
$25 value

Joseph Isaac
Nystrum - Shirt 2
$25 value

Michael Freed
Chuck Pedals Logo Shirt
$25 value

Tyler Mouw
Creston Guitars Shirt
$24 value

Charles Gibson
Equitz Guitars - Shirt 3
$20 value

Dan Phelps
Equitz Guitars - Shirt 2
$20 value

Dave Hamill
The Gear Slum - Shirt 1
$20 value

David Kendall
The Gear Slum - Shirt 3
$20 value

Eddie Haddad
Flippin’ Flippers - Shirt 1
$20 value

jesus cisneros
Flippin’ Flippers - Shirt 2
$20 value

Jim Bowers
Flippin’ Flippers - Shirt 3
$20 value

John Waight
The Gear Slum - Shirt 2
$20 value

Steve Rowe
Equitz Guitars - Shirt 1
$20 value

This raffle is in no way sponsored, endorsed, conducted, setup, controlled by or administered by, or associated with, Raffle River. Participants voluntarily release, waive, discharge and hold harmless Raffle River from any and all claims, demands or causes of action for property damage, bodily injury, wrongful death, loss of services or other claims arising from or relating to participation in the raffle and/or acceptance, possession and use of any prize.