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Raffles in Ohio > 3rd Annual Spring for Cash Raffle

3rd Annual Spring for Cash Raffle

Help support our organization kick start its season with a chance to win some cash. We have the following teams for 2014
Vicious Sports - Men's National Team
Vicious Hustle - Men's Competitive Team
Vicious Reloaded - Men's Competitive Team
Vicious Fury - Men's Local Team
Vicious and Delicious - Coed Local Team
Vicious MRDD - Special Olympic Team
Vicious 50 - National Police Team
Vicious Fire - National Firefighter Team
We will be housing teams all over the country while we raise money for Cancer, Diabetes, MS, Feed the Children, and more beneficiaries. - Thanks for any support
Vicious Sports Association
Greater Cincinnati based Sports Organization focused on family morals and community service. We pride ourselves in giving back to beneficiaries of Cancer, Diabetes, and MS.
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Thanks to Our Sponsors
$100 of $50,000
Drawing was held on April 25, 2014.
No winners have been recorded yet.
This raffle is in no way sponsored, endorsed, conducted, setup, controlled by or administered by, or associated with, Raffle River. Participants voluntarily release, waive, discharge and hold harmless Raffle River from any and all claims, demands or causes of action for property damage, bodily injury, wrongful death, loss of services or other claims arising from or relating to participation in the raffle and/or acceptance, possession and use of any prize.