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Raffles in Louisiana > Jr. Team USA Raffle for Kristian Bellard

Jr. Team USA Raffle for Kristian Bellard


Jr. Team USA Raffle
Kristian Bellard, an aspiring graduate of Pine Prairie High School, was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect causing a hole to form in the spine. Shockingly, his parents were told he wouldn't be expected to survive past the age of two. Despite the complications of the diagnosis, such as loss of feeling in both of his feet, urinary muscles, and moderate epilepsy,and an unsteady gate, Kristian has valiantly overcome his disability in every possible aspect. While Some choose to inconsolably grieve due to difficult circumstances, Kristian on the other hand, accepted the challenges that God gave him and embraced the world of sports. For the past six years, Kristian has been competing in Games Uniting Mind and Body, or GUMBO games, National Junior Disability Championship Team, and achieving his greatest dreams as of last year, Junior Team USA. Although Kristian and his family are thrilled of all of the goals he has accomplished, his journey doesn't end here. This year the team is competing in Stoke Mandeville, England at the end of the summer. While it is a wonderful organization that had blessed Kristian and his family tremendously, the trip is quite costly. SO, WHY SHOULD I HELP?!
Because of his frequent seizures and multiple setbacks, Kristian could have easily set back and mourned over his challenges. Instead, he embraced is disability and did what doctors never imagined he could do! Not only did he overcome obstacles,but through his trials, he has shown and PROVED to other little girls and boys with physical challenges that they can OVERCOME them TOO!! With God, NOTHING is impossible, which is why, as his best friend, am providing the raffle. HELP KRISTIAN BELLARD NOT ONLY GO TO ENGLAND, BUT GIVE HOPE TO LITTLE GIRLS AND BOYS THAT THEY CAN OVERCOME THIER CHALLENGES AND DO ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!
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Drawing was held on July 31, 2014.
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