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Raffles in Pennsylvania > Fundraising for Juno

Fundraising for Juno

Juno, a 3 year old cattle dog, that I appropriately nicknamed Mr. Wiggles because of his loving and energetic personality, faces surgery on both of his back knees. I adopted him from a farm in 2011 and unfortunatley, while a very healthy and happy dog, he has proven to have several problems over his short life time with us.

With a luxating patella on his left rear leg (an injury he suffered as a young pup and is being maintained with joint medications) and now a second, more severe luxating patella on the right rear leg, we are in a dire situation to have the surgeries done immediately to prevent him from life-long lameness and further suffering.

The first, most immediate need will be surgery on his right knee for he is at highest risk of additional injury on that knee. In addition to the surgeries, he will require 6-8 weeks of rehab and care.

The goal amount we are hoping to raise reflects only one of the surgeries. There are potential additional costs during the rehab period as well.

Our goal once he is completely rehabilitated from both surgeries, is to place him in therapy dog training. This will help to keep him active in our supportive community, while caring for his physical and intellectual needs, and help us both give back to others in need.
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