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Raffles in Pennsylvania > The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush Laptop Fundraiser Raffle

The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush Laptop Fundraiser Raffle

This raffle will help raise money to be donated to the DonorsChoose Project to get Laptops for Mr. Katz's classroom.

You will receive a ticket # - which will be emailed to you - and you will be contacted if you win. Ticket #s sold online range from #750-999.

Check the PA Daily Lottery # everyday in December to see if your number matches.

Win $25 Sunday - Thursday
Win $50 Friday & Saturday
The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush
Our special admissions school is based on the belief that the arts provide an unequaled opportunity to foster intellectual growth by connecting arts and literacy. Visual and media literacy skills will permeate all subjects at the high school. Reflective teaching and learning will be expected in every classroom with an emphasis on building a community of learners to be thinkers and creators, and who are preparing for college or professional careers. At the same time the school will prepare students to be participating members of a democratic society by engaging them as stakeholders in their education. The spirit of intellectual curiosity is encouraged in and through the arts.
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$68 of $1,250
Drawing was held on December 1, 2014.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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