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Raffles in Florida > Live Rent Free for a Year

Live Rent Free for a Year

The goal is to provide housing for a family or individual for a year (up to 12,000.00) . For each donation of 5.00 or more, a ticket will be given to a homeless individual or family. (2 drawings) The more tickets we sell, the more drawings we will have.

TMC Outreach has seen the urgent need of homelessness in Central Florida and the surrounding counties and would like to bless families with a place they can call home while they do what is necessary this next year to be able to successfully manage their households and live a productive life.

Some people may will see this as gambling, but I see it as helping solve some of the problem. The government is designed to keep some people where they are. I am a Christian and I have dealt with a lot of people, organizations, and even churches that say they are there to help you but take you through so much to get the help you need. This system we have is not right. TMC Outreach Inc. has been in existence for 6 months and even though the programs that we will be offering to the people is to help the people, there is no support. You must get something in order to give something. That is what we as a society has taught this generation. Those may be harsh words but the truth is the truth.

TMC Outreach Inc. would like to end this year by placing families in their own home rent free for a year. The more money raised, the more families we will assist.

Don't miss out because you feel like this is a scam. For every dollar that comes through TMC Outreach Inc., we are held accountable by IRS to make sure these funds are distributed correctly.

So many people are trying to get their children straight for the Christmas season. TMC Outreach Inc. would like to get the entire family straight. Be blessed everyone and become a part of the solution.

If you don't want to receive a ticket for yourself, donate and we will make sure someone else receives the ticket on your behalf.
TMC Outreach Inc.
TMC Outreach Inc. commits to assisting the community when we see a need. Families are struggling and we want to be a blessing.
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Drawing was held on December 21, 2014.
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