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Raffles in New Mexico > Private land hunt for 1 Majestic New Mexico Dahl Ram

Private land hunt for 1 Majestic New Mexico Dahl Ram

Sniped Hunting outlaws are raffling off a guided private land hunt for 1 Majestic New Mexico Dahl Ram, A Heritage Breed native to the dessert Rocky Mountains. There are only a few hundred sheep of this kind left and it is important to create a demand for them in order for this heritage breed to thrive. for more information on the New Mexico Dahl Sheep please visit Terra Patre Farms.

Back Yard Grillerz
Backyard Grillerz focuses on the preservation of New Mexican traditional cuisine. New Mexican Bar-B-Q or, La Matanza, is a unique way of butchering hogs and sheep that has been passed down through generations, a 300 year old method taught by the Spanish Conquistadors when they invaded the Native people of New Mexico and showed the Natives how to raise, butcher hogs & sheep. We feel a need to help people understand our culture as Indios Hispanos (Spanish Speaking Native Americans) and believe that preserving our culture, heritage & cuisine is very important to our family, friends, and community.
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$104 of $4,500
Drawing was held on September 1, 2015.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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