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Raffles in Illinois > 1 year of Meisner Training (Levels 1-5) at Green Shirt Studio

1 year of Meisner Training (Levels 1-5) at Green Shirt Studio

CUBE Ensemble's totally badass performers: Hope, Lia, Vienna, Beth, Allison, Kroy and Jeremy are classically trained in music, dance and theater and with them we have devised a piece of incredible magnitude. Faces of Eurydice is sharp, lush, expansive, heart wrenching and truly one of a kind.

With your help we can cover the costs of a black box theater and the high quality promotion necessary to share this labor of love (a year and a half in the making) with Chicago! We will also be able to pay our performers and design team a stipend for all of their incredible work!
CUBE Ensemble
CUBE Ensemble presents Faces of Eurydice, a new dance - opera - theater retelling of the myth of Orpheus. With choreographic direction by Hope Goldman, music and lyrics by Hope Littwin, and stage direction by Janet Howe, the often overlooked perspective of Eurydice, Orpheus’s legendary lover, comes alive.

This is CUBE's first original dance-opera-theatre piece devised entirely by the cast and creative team of Faces of Eurydice. After over a year and a half of devising and 2 workshop performances, the stage is set for the world premiere of Faces of Eurydice.
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$90 of $4,000
Drawing was held on March 5, 2015.
Rachel Weeks
1 Year of Meisner Training at Green Shirt Studio
$1,180 value

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