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Raffles in Florida > 3-4 Day Cruise to the Bahamas

3-4 Day Cruise to the Bahamas

This raffle is to raise money for 3 great causes.

Iris Global is a Christian organization committed to expressing a living and tangible response to those in need.

Countless villages across Africa do not have ready access to water, and the inhabitants often have to walk many miles just to find water. Even then it may not be clean, and many people are sick and dying as a result. In response, and as an integral part of our mission to serve the people of Mozambique, Iris has a large well-drilling rig to support this area of great need.

We are one of the few organizations that has the equipment and government permission to drill wells throughout the province of Cabo Delgado. Coinciding with well-drilling, we are planting churches and providing both clean water and living water.
It costs approximately $10,000 to drill a well. For more info www.irisglobal.org


Jcgeneration.org - is the Youth and Young Adult of Light for the Nations and in the 2015 year are destiny to do amazing things providing the Young Generation an experience of a life time with LoveXplosion Camp 2015, JCG Conference and Freedom Retreat 2015. For more info www.jcgeneration.org


LFTN Music - is the worship team of Light for the Nations, the money raised will empower the ministry to purchase the necessary instruments and gear giving the team an opportunity to grow to the next level. For more info www.lightforthenations.org
Light for the Nations Ministries
We are the Youth and Young Adults from Light for the nations called JC GENERATION.
The purpose of this raffle is to raise money to paid for all the activities needed for the year 2015. By being apart you will not only invest in the next generation's lives but you will definably will help to change the course of history in our nations. The world has grown tired of rituals and love phrases; tired of love poems and letters. They seek the truth the body of Christ has – not some fable or belief systems.
JC Generation is here to show that true love can flow without punishment, resentment and fear of any kind.
Helps us spread the right message. Come and be part of this Love Revolution.
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