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Raffles in Texas > Gramma's Angels Coach Purse Raffle

Gramma's Angels Coach Purse Raffle

The 4th annual Gramma's Angels Reunion will be held in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee at the end of June. This raffle will help cover some of the overhead costs of the retreat and also many Gramma's that would otherwise be unable to afford it to come and join us for fellowship and healing. It is an incredibly uplifting experience that helps strengthen the bond between the members of the group.

Please take this wonderful opportunity to buy a few tickets and help out with this cause. You may walk away with this amazing Coach purse in the process!
Gramma's Angels
Grammas Angels is an online support group for Grandmothers who have lost a grandchild, As grandparents, we grieve deeply for the loss of our grandchild but also for the person our child was before the loss of their child. The group is a place for comfort and understanding where all grieving grammas can go and be understood without saying a word.
Gramma's Angels was founded in 2010 by two women who found each other through another support group that is made up largely of parents who have lost a child, The idea to create Gramma's Angels was born from the fact that most support groups focus on the parents of angels, but nothing was available for grandparents. The group was formed by women, for women so that the members would feel comfortable sharing all aspects of their struggle...even where it might pertain to relationships within their families. Today there are 370 members in the group and a new group, Grandpa's Angels, has been formed by the husbands of the Gramma;s.
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$938 of $2,000
Drawing was held on March 31, 2015.
Kim Pettit
Coach Purse
$495 value

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