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Raffles in Tennessee > Daniel Boone Long Rifle Giveaway

Daniel Boone Long Rifle Giveaway

To raise funds for the development of the Boone Trace Corridor in Kentucky. This is a 119 mile long tourist venue and living classroom. It is a motoring route to travel the footsteps of Daniel Boone in 1775 as he blazed the trail from the Cumberland Gap to Fort Boonesborough. Wayside signs will tell the story of the westward movement as over 300,000 settlers followed Boone over the next few years to create westward expansion of this great nation. Proceeds will go to the development of this corridor.
Boone Society, Inc
The Boone Society is a non-profit organization with membership in thirty nine states and three foreign countries. Their mission is to preserve the George Boone family, of which Daniel Boone is a member of and their history. They have a current project going now that is The Boone Trace Project in Kentucky that runs from the Cumberland Gap. 119 miles north to Fort Boonesborough, near Lexington. This is a tourism/educational living class room to teach America's Frontier History. The proceeds from this giveaway will go to the development of that project. You can see more at www.boonesociety.org.
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$3,739 of $25,000
Drawing was held on June 12, 2015.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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