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Raffles in Georgia > Wine Tasting for 20

Wine Tasting for 20

At a $500 value, the winner of this raffle will win a gift certificate for wine tasting for 20 people! Invite your favorite people and their dates and have a fantastic night with Total Wine and Spirits tasting some of the best wines you can buy!

Because it is such a high valued raffle, we will not be able to draw a winner until we have reached the minimum of $500 to cover the cost of the certificate, but once we reach our goal, we will plan the drawing on June 1!
Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walking Team
I really hate it when my toenails fall off. I abhor the time that it takes for quarter-sized blisters to
heal. I can’t stand sore muscles and the feeling of stiffness when I have to roll out of bed. I even
find that being up for hours before the sun even rises in the morning to be intolerable…

but i love my mother...

and what I hate even more than all of those things is watching her fight for her life. Eleven years
ago, I did just that, which is why I will go through all of it for the fourth time this October when I walk
60 miles in three days for the fight against breast cancer.

I will gladly suffer all of those “symptoms” if it means that I can contribute to the possibility that
there will be a future without cancer.

What would you do?

Would you donate $10? How about $50 or $100? Would you buy jewelry, attend an event, or find
a sponsor, all knowing that you are helping?

This year, I will give you the opportunity to do all of those. Over the coming months, I will host
events, send letters, and generally work my bum off to raise the $2300 to participate in this
fundraising walk. In return, I am asking for your help.

Can’t donate?

I get it, everyone has a cause, and you have likely been approached by many organizations so
far, this year alone. If you can’t give yourself, what I ask is for you to send this to 10 of your own
friends. One in eight women will get breast cancer, which means you probably know several
people that are touched by it in a life-changing way.

In fact, over $1500, half of my fundraising, in previous years was made up of large donations
from strangers because they were close to the cause. If together we get 23 people to help raise
just $100 each, the goal will be reached easily! Will you be one of them?

Do it for your mother.

Do it for yourself.

Or at least...do it for my toenails.
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Drawing was held on June 1, 2015.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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