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Raffles in New York > $500 Bong Raffle

$500 Bong Raffle

This raffle is for our supporters, and also to help raise fund for the leukemia society. One of the owners of fathom is running for man of the year for the leukemia society and raising money for the cause, so a portion of the profits will go to that. we Got this piece during the Long Island Glass party we bought a bong to raffle off and due to the lack of entries we couldn't finish the raffle. We don't expect to make money but we do want this glass piece to go to a good place. And Long Island Glass is growing and becoming more an more expensive every day, this piece might end up being worth a lot of money one day. Or you can just smoke out of it.
fathom Clothing LLC
Fathom is a clothing company that supports the uniqueness and strengths of our individual clients. We were founded by Dexter Dible; A graphic designer, photographer and artist, along with James Skidmore; A financier and revolutionist, who loves to see the achievements of others raise the height of their potentials. And Steven Butera; An entrepreneur and writer, who believes in the power and influence of our ideas and the impact they have on the community. Altogether, they wish to bring to life a company that not only gives local artists a platform to spread their ideas, but one that takes care of their own without any exceptions and actively takes part in the community which they live. It is our mission to encourage and help people of all types and creativity, to harness the things that make them who they are, and to create something meaningful and everlasting. We will do everything in our power to share there ideas and give a voice to the voiceless, a means to the mean-less and a revolution to the souls trapped within themselves. We will liberate those willing to accept the fact that in a world filled with technology, that it is time to stop hiding behind it. Face the world and stop excluding ourselves from the moments that we live in. Fathom is a company where the sum of its parts truly does equal the whole and every person has a place in which only that person with his/her unique qualities can fill. And this is our purpose, to give everyone the chance to become their own revolution.
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Drawing was held on June 15, 2015.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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