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Raffles in Virginia > Whiskey Drinker's Dream Basket

Whiskey Drinker's Dream Basket

My name is Jamie Moses, I am 23 years old, and I want to help those who can’t or don’t have the ability to help themselves. This coming June, I am traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia with a volunteer team representing the Global Autism Project. I will be providing instruction and education at the Yayasan Harapon China Indonesia Autism Center to provide parent and staff training on the Applied Behavior Analysis therapy method. This training will equip the center with up to date practices and trained staff to allow more autistic children access to services.

This trip will serve not only to help hone my skills and allow me to practice the techniques and methods I have been learning about in the classroom, but will also serve to increase the population of Indonesia’s education about Autism. In developing nations around the world, including Indonesia, the locally accepted belief is that children with Autism are possessed, taken by “bad spirits” and its tearing families apart due to fear and lack of information available. There is a tremendous need to spread information about Autism throughout the world. The Global Autism Project is a movement of passionate, dedicated individuals coming together to provide lasting, meaningful change for communities around the world. I want to be apart of this organization. I want to help others and share my compassion. Your participation in this raffle can help me make this a reality. There are 70 million people diagnosed with Autism in the world; 85% of them are in the developing nations. Help those who can’t help, or advocate for, themselves.
Global Autism Project
Thank you for viewing this raffle! All of the proceeds will go directly to the Global Autism Project to fund my mission trip to Indonesia.
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$172 of $400
Drawing was held on April 22, 2015.
Whiskey Drinker's Dream
$150 value

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