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Raffles in Oregon > Family Pet Partners $500 gift card raffle!

Family Pet Partners $500 gift card raffle!

Max was an active Police Dog last year. He suffered an injury and had to be retired. We are raising funds to help Max get the care he deserves. He is a k9 that served his city well and saved his handler more than once.
He melted into the hearts of his handlers family. Especially Larissa, she can give him commands as well as his dad did. However, the thought of having to send Max back to the place he came from was devastating. Max is a very expensive dog and the city he worked for was very supportive in allowing Family Pet Partners to adopt Max in order for FPP to fundraise and get Max the care that he needed.
Family Pet Partners offered to take on Max's expenses so the city could focus their efforts on the new dog that would require more training and expenses to step into Max's place.
This K9 is under our Foster to Adopt program. The family cannot take any donations directly as officers are not allowed to take any financial gain due to their positions within the department.
Once all funding is in place and our K9 has been taken care of medically, we will afford the foster family the option of adopting Max permanently. The finds from this raffle will help pay for Max's medical expenses.
Family Pet Partners
Family Pet Partners is an organization helping pets by partnering with their families to keep them safe and healthy without the fear of losing them due to unforeseen circumstances.
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Bailey's Journey; where dogs go to swim, relax and rehab.
Police K-9 Support Fund; Helping Police K-9's with First Aid kit's, ballistic vests and Unit procurement.
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Drawing was held on April 30, 2015.
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