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Raffles in North Carolina > Help build our next 3.0kW system!

Help build our next 3.0kW system!

Did you know that low income families can spend as much as 20% of their income on utility bills while bearing the burden of cost for new coal fired infrastructure in THEIR neighborhoods? Families with income below a certain point are not eligible for the tax credit system that allows more affluent homeowners to take advantage of big breaks for solar installation.

Help Restore the Balance of Power!

A 3.0 kW system can help a family in a small, energy efficient house pay almost nothing for energy costs. It can help a community power lights in a park or along the street. It can illuminate a neighborhood garden. The sun shines on all of us - it's power should, too.

We need help building our next system. Be a part of something bright!

*Raffle is limited to installations in North Carolina only, though winners may reside in any state. For complete details, please see our Raffle page on our website at www.gridfreenc.org
GridFree! NC
We believe that renewable energy use should be the best choice, period. We work to make Solar Energy accessible beyond incentives, for real sustainability. Through community access and continued solar growth, we can achieve a sustainable status that makes solar power the best market choice over other grid tied options.

GridFree! NC is a NABCEP certified solar installer and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We bring together community partners, solar manufacturers and distributors, and volunteers and use revenue generated from traditional installations to provide free and cost mitigated solar to low income families and communities.

As installers, we execute quality, warranteed installations that will perform for decades to come, giving you the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from generating your own renewable power right from your roof - typically for far less than other installers.

As a nonprofit organization supporting Community Solar Access, we bring renewables to everyone, breaking down financial barriers and providing access to renewable energy for those who really need it.

Residential Solar Installation
We guarantee the lowest price on your turnkey home photovoltaic installation. Our consultants, engineers, and licensed crews will make the design and installation process fun and easy.
Experienced in commercial installation since 2006, we can help your business move ahead in a greener world with sustainable power for growth.

Low Income Solar Grants
We provide free and sliding scale photovoltaic systems for low income families and communities. Affordable solar is our passion! We work with non profits and low income families to make sure that those who need affordable energy the most can access renewable power.

Solar Education
We help break down barriers to entry for those interested in the solar field, and give them the opportunity to explore careers in renewable energy.
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