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Raffles in New York > Spring Cash Contest

Spring Cash Contest

This raffle will benefit the KADP's upcoming projects, including:
soccer balls and nets for an unused field in Kapjinja Village
a sister-school sponsorship of a new school in the village of Sugutek
visa and travel fees for our scholarship and pro runners.
Kenyan Athlete Development Program
A few years ago, Coach Travis Tate was asked by a group of Kenyans on Facebook to coach them, and he has been training the group at no charge, with great results! When Coach Kat Hankinson learned about these runners -- how they train like champions with incredible faith and discipline despite barely having enough food to eat -- the Kenyan Athlete Development Plan was born.

We help young runners come to US schools on athletic scholarships, and we help aspiring professional runners get to races where they can compete for cash prizes. One large or several small cash prizes is enough to help each team member set up a business to create financial stability for life. We also help the runners' home communities: small villages, where many children cannot go to high school because public high school in Kenya costs more than most can afford. So we are creating programs to benefit the villages and schools in these communities.

Thus far we have donated to a new school, are now setting up a soccer program in a small village, and have helped our team start a small business so that they can generate income while they train. We have helped our runners get to races in the US and Qatar. We have helped a young girl in one of our communities escape a life of servitude by raising tuition for her to go to high school. And through us, one of our runners has been able to put five siblings through school for a year. Many more projects are in the pipeline as we bring more runners to study and run in the US.

We are an all-volunteer organization. We love what we do, and we enjoy our Kenyan friends and family, who are friendly, caring, and strong. All donations go directly to our team captain in Kenya for specific projects.

Every donation gives our athletes more hope for a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.
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$15 of $400
Drawing was held on June 20, 2015.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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