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Raffles in Florida > Help Fantasy River Ranch start Rides 4 Tips up.

Help Fantasy River Ranch start Rides 4 Tips up.

We are raising funds to buy a team of ponies to start up Rides 4 Tips step 1 of Fantasy River Ranch.
Fantasy River Ranch
Fantasy River Ranch
Is a vision I have. Where people can take there kids to a safe place to have a picnic well you can see them at the petting zoo with baby animals for you to pet, the play ground for your kids to play well you enjoy the peace. Or you can buy or makes a special something to take home with you, in our Craft shops. You can go on a wagon ride.

What really makes this special is it's run on Gifts.
We also will have a program to help the aged out foster care kids that need to get there diplomas and a place to stay till they get it and a job, we will teach them the skills they need to go out in the world so they have a better chance ( this is not to knock the Foster Care system they do there best but there are a lot of timed out kid that need help)
( this program will be dedicated to my mom Joan who passed way this March of 2015. She was the one that told me to do this. )
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Drawing was held on May 24, 2015.
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