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Raffles in Kentucky > Win A Free It Works Wrap Pack

Win A Free It Works Wrap Pack

The goal for this raffle is $1000 this was my little girls idea when she was 2 yrs old she was struck with Meningitis it got so bad that she had to have her aortic valve in her heart replaced as well as loosing her right eye and now having a prosthetic due to the infection spreading so fast and the antibiotics not working fast enough. The signs of this are easily passed off as the common cold and a lot of parents can easily miss these signs. We want to bring awareness of how bad this really can be it almost costed her life due to the hospital missing it 3 times of us being there. We want to donate the money to go toward research of this to find a fast acting medicine that can stop this before it get's bad or even a vaccine that fully protects children there is already a vaccine for this but it does not fully protect your children. As they are studying to find a full vaccine. We do not want to see other children suffer what she suffered and will have to endure conditions from this for the rest of her life. This will also put you in the drawing to win a free Wrap Pack from It Works Global.
Win A Free It Works Wrap Pack
Hi We are doing a raffle to win a free It Works Wrap Pack. Proceeds will go to the study of Meningitis. My daughter was 2 when she was struck by this and now has an artificial aortic valve along with a prosthetic eye due to loosing her right eye from this. A lot of people do not take this serious enough or just have not heard of it getting this bad but it can and we will be raising money to go toward a research for this.
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Drawing was held on June 19, 2015.
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