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Raffles in Idaho > Changing Lives, Creating Hope Fundraiser

Changing Lives, Creating Hope Fundraiser

Want to win a Wii U? BleedFree, Inc. has an exciting new fundraiser program for our "Changing Lives, Creating Hope" program!

Bleeding disorders are tough on the whole family. The child must endure the pain, physical reminders, infusions, and hospital stays associated with bleeding disorders, but also the social and emotional stresses that treatments place on the child. With such little life experience in dealing with the disorder, it can be extremely trying on the bleeder.

Bleeding disorders also put a strain on the family both mentally, as they have to watch the poor bleeder suffer, and also financially, as we all know how costly medications and treatments can be.

The Changing Lives, Creating Hope program aims to provide comfort to those children who have been admitted to a hospital or must miss school school due to a bleeding episode. Carefully chosen gifts of books, movies, video games, (and sometimes celebrity visitors!) are sent to show care and promote recover to the children.

BleedFree, Inc is hosting a raffle, sponsored by Nerdanese.com, with the prize of a BRAND NEW Wii U Super Mario 3D World/Nintendo Land 32GB Bundle. The raffle will be limited to 200 tickets at $5 apiece. The profits generated from the raffle will be used to support our "Changing Lives, Creating Hope" program.

The raffle will be held on July 6, 2015 or when all 200 tickets are sold, whichever is later.

Although we are limiting our tickets to 200 in order to quickly raise funds and assure you better odds of winning, please keep in mind that BleedFree, Inc. is always seeking donations and anything you can afford to donate directly to them is greatly appreciated.

Please remember that you can offer additional donations directly by
going to http://donate.BleedFree.com
BleedFree, Inc.’s Mission: Changing Lives, Creating Hope, Helping Children Come to Terms with Bleeding Disorders

BleedFree, Inc.’s goals include bringing smiles and comfort to children with bleeding disorders confined to a hospital bed or to their home because of a bleeding episode by sending them books, movies or video games of their own choice; welcoming parents who are new to the bleeding community; and emergency financial help for families and individuals in the bleeding disorders community.
BleedFree, Inc.
P.O. Box 735
Kuna, Idaho 83634-0735
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$566 of $1,000
Drawing was held on July 6, 2015.
No winners have been recorded yet.
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