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Raffles in California > Secondhand Animals Spring Kitten Vet Care

Secondhand Animals Spring Kitten Vet Care

This has been a crazy spring for kittens! Whole litters found in backyards, kittens found in bushes, garages, and one was dropped by a raven!
When people say, "I've found a kitten and I can't keep it!", the Rescues try to help and take in as many as we can. But rescuing a kitten is more than just a box with a nice blanket. It's food, and vaccines and spay & neutering. The funds for this are scarce. They come from donations and yard sales and Raffles... like this one! This is an awesome Cat Tree... cats love it!
Please help our kittens get a good start in life. Thank you! >^..^<
Secondhand Animals
Secondhand Animals

Mission Statement

*Helping individuals, families and local rescues with pet food, spaying & neutering, emergency vet bills, transportation
*Supporting animal foster care through fundraising and education.
*Working cooperatively with animal shelters, professional trainers, and other rescue groups towards our common goals of saving animals’ lives and reducing pet over-population.
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$296 of $1,500
Drawing was held on July 4, 2015.
cat tree
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