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Raffles in California > Grubbs Family Soccer/Cheer Fundraiser

Grubbs Family Soccer/Cheer Fundraiser

To support the cost of the 2015-16 cheer and soccer seasons. With each there is significant cost due to travel throughout the U.S. and to Europe.
Grubbs Family
John plays with Ballistic United in Pleasanton, CA. During his upcoming season he has an opportunity to travel with his team to the UK to watch English Premier League matches, train with English Academy staff, compete against local youth teams, and vist historical sites throughout England.

Annabelle, Grady and Joe compete with the California All Stars in Livermore. CA is a premier cheer gym in the Bay Area and kid's teams will compete in locations like Las Vegas, Visalia, Palm Springs, Anaheim, Los Angeles and Dallas. If successful their teams may earn an opportunity to compete at the Summit event in Orlando (on ESPN).
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Drawing was held on September 25, 2015.
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