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Raffles in New Jersey > Let's Move Cities: Wisdom Skateboards

Let's Move Cities: Wisdom Skateboards

Footing the bill to send addicts to rehab, who understand what they need, and are willing to take the first step, but do not have the means. As well as continuing to support them in every step of their journey to recovery.
Fundraisers for the families of teens who have passed away.
Support and finding aid for teens struggling with self injury.
Raising awareness of the struggles of teens with depression and addiction.
Giving teens the opportunity to positively affect the community by helping others, as well as themselves.
On Sunday, December 13, we will be gathering at the Foxhole Lounge (VFW 6259) in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey for something that's more than a concert. In addition to performances by a variety of artists, we'll have messages from guest speakers and a fundraising raffle. We all experience ups and downs in life, but this is an evening full of hope, where we can gather as a community to support one another.

Winners will be announced at the Let's Move Cities event. Both online and physical raffle tickets will be counted equally. Winners that are present at the event will take home prizes that night, online winners will be shipped next day.

ABOUT IF I DIE YOUNG: If I Die Young Clothing is more than just shirts, it's an organization devoted to helping teens in need. If I Die Young aims to challenge the taboo that our society has regarding talking about mental illness, depression, suicide, and addiction. We encourage everyone to live transparently- starting the conversation is the first step towards fighting the stigma.

If I Die Young funds young adults going through treatment for addiction, holds fundraisers for the families or teens who have passed away, supports and finds aid for teens struggling with self-injury, and raises awareness of mental illness, depression, suicide, and addiction in teens, and most importantly, gives teens the opportunity to positively effect the community by helping others, as well as themselves.
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Drawing was held on December 13, 2015.
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