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Raffles in Georgia > Bens Grill Replacement for BFHS/Salvation Army

Bens Grill Replacement for BFHS/Salvation Army

To raise money for BFHS and Salvation Army
Bens Grill Replacement Fund (BFHS)
In the wee hours of Wednesday morning tragedy struck our home. We lost a family member we nicknamed Webby to the storms of 2016. Many a fine meal have been prepared on Webby's grates, and for those memories we are thankful. Please help us replace our Webby. For every dollar raised I will donate four quarters to the Best Friends Humane Society ( Worth County Ga. ) and the Salvation Army to aid those that did sustain real damage, and loss of life from the storms in Webbys honor. I am not personally matching the donations, but well donate 100 percent of all raised funds, basically whatever is left after gofund me gets their part.
While this was started in humor, I do realize there were real injuries, lives lost and severe damage. Because of this all funds collected will be donated to not only the BFHS of Worth County, but also the Salvation Army to help with the devastation caused by the storms last night.
This is the raffle that has been promised!! We will be raffling off many items! The best way to do it is to do it via the internet. Go to the link below and buy tickets at $2 a piece. We will raffle off on April 1. Hopefully soon a permanent list will be provided on the raffle site. Until then it will be listed on FB. Here is the list: $25 gift card from Piggly Wiggly, Martin News lotto gift basket, Betty Dorsey $35 Tupperware set, One year subscription to the Sylvester Local, 1 month tuition from Southern Pride Cheer ($45), $25 Gift Card to Cindys Flowers, Leesburg Animal Hospital 90 day Flee and tick prevention ($53), Ross Logan 1 case of Okefenokee BBQ sauce and finally a Weber grill will be raffled off as the last raffle. You cannot buy a specific ticket for a certain item. Besides the Weber Grill all items will be raffled off in random order. Any questions feel free to contact me. Also if you would like to donate an item to be added please call. ?#?donate? ?#?webbylivesmatter?
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Drawing was held on April 1, 2016.
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