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Raffles in Florida > I CHOSE 50/50

I CHOSE 50/50

It is because of our community, family, and friends' support that we have been afforded the opportunity to apply for the tax exemption status, as well as develop a new and improved logo and website. As we are still in the process of completing our nonprofit status, and expanding our educational projects, your support is most crucial for us at this time! To read more about the I CHOSE mission and see what kind of strides are being made, please visit www.ichose.info, or visit us on facebook at www.facebook.com/ichose2009.

Grand prize will be half of the profit made from raffle. All prizes will be drawn on June 4 at 1pm, and winners will be contacted.
Chad Mattson is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for DUI Manslaughter. His accident happened a short 8 years after graduating high school, at the young age of 26.
Since his incarceration, with the help of family and friends, Chad has developed the I CHOSE mission, a movement to eliminate impaired and distracted driving. What began as a simple pledge, is now on its way to becoming a nonprofit organization, directed toward educating society on the effects of impaired and distracted driving, with a focus on our youth.
Within the past few years, Chad's former attorney, as well as his mother, have presented Chad's story at several local high schools, while also gathering the student audience to sign this important pledge, in the form of a large banner that can be hung any school/school event as a great reminder.
In order for our presentations to expand, we need to raise the funds to afford the tools and resources it will take to do so. It is our hope is that what started as a powerful speech, will turn into an educational event that we can provide to any school or community, in regards to the consequences of impaired and distracted driving.
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$18 of $1,000
Drawing was held on June 4, 2016.
Vicki Campbell
Grand prize 50/50
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